10 Ways to do well in AP Psychology

By Dave Hill ’17

On Monday, May 7, 2018, AP Psychology students will take the AP exam, consisting of 100 multiple choice questions and two open-ended questions. This is meant to be a challenge to all students taking the course. Teachers are a wonderful resource in this journey of the AP world, but to truly be successful, work must also be done outside of class by students in preparation. Here are 10 ways to do well in AP Psychology:

10. Read This Article: It may seem simple, but reading articles on how to better prepare in this class and others can help you discover new ways to study that may improve your score overall in the subject.

9. Do Not Procrastinate: Do not be the person who waits until the last minute to complete assignments and read the textbook. Start assignments early, plan your homework schedule, and study several nights before exams. See #8 to help with this.

8. Utilize Your Calendar: Whether using a digital calendar on your phone or using a paper planner, calendars can be a wonderful resource to plan our assignments ahead of time. Using this method, you will never forget to turn an assignment in on time.

7. Watch Crash Course Videos: The Crash Course Psychology channel on Youtube is a wonderful resource. Each video recaps the important information learned in a given area, such as sensation, language, consciousness, and many other topics you will learn throughout AP Psychology.

6. Utilize Test Corrections: Test corrections are a wonderful resource that not only improves your score, but they can also increase your performance on the AP test in May. Look at each incorrect answer and analyze why you got it wrong, what is right, and how to remember it in May.

5. Use Quizlet: Quizlet is a wonderful app the can be downloaded in the App Store. Here, you can create “flashcard” sets that you can study in a variety of ways, including matching and filling in the answer.

4. Create a Groupchat: Whether it’s with the friends you have now or the friends you will make in AP Psychology, a groupchat can be a wonderful place to discuss topics or theories that may be more difficult to understand. Using this method, one can simply text their friends to ask about due dates for projects and dates of tests.

3. Read the Textbook: In May, you will thank me if you decide to read the textbook each night. It may seem like a pointless endeavor, but it will help prepare you for class and tests. This way, you will know what questions to ask your teacher to better understand the material.

2. Kahoot It!: Kahoot is a competitive style game in which students must quickly choose the right answer. This is widely used by teachers, but you can also use this as an opportunity to see what topics to study more in-depth, allowing you to ask questions about the questions during the Kahoot game.

1. Pay Attention in Class: In May, the AP exam will be on the desk in front of you. Your teacher will do everything in her power to prepare you for this. Take detailed notes of class discussions, and listen for clues as to what may appear on the AP exam based on previous versions of the test.

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