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94.9 WRSD, The Radio Home of The Green Raiders

1977 was a year when a stamp cost $.13 and gasoline cost $.62 per gallon. The number one song was “Best of my Love” by the Emotions and the Record of the Year Award went to The Eagles for “Hotel California.” It’s also a year in which a legacy began at Ridley High School. An FCC-approved radio station opened at Ridley High School. While the station has gone through many changes, one thing has stayed the same. It is 94.9 WRSD.

image In 1977, Dr. Arthur Smith, a middle school science teacher, decided to create a fun, interactive club for students. What he decided to create was a radio station which has now been a Ridley High School staple for thirty-six years. Today, people of all ages can listen to students doing their own radio shows Monday to Friday, from 2:30 until 4:00. During that time, you can hear your friends playing the music they want to hear.

Show begin with an introduction by the DJ’s. We play our first song and then read a funding announcement for our generous sponsors. We play two more songs and then we complete the reading of the second funding announcement. At the top of the hour, we verify our station by reading our station ID. We read one more funding announcement and then close out the show.

The radio station has changed since 1977. In 1977, records were used to play music. From there, the radio station progressed to using tapes, then CDs, and then MP3 players. Now, with the addition of iPads this year for every student, the station is capable of accessing the hottest tracks of today.

Jess Iadicicco (left) & Kelsey Hendrick (right)
Jess Iadicicco (left) & Kelsey Hendrick (right)

WRSD plays more than music though. The radio station broadcasts all Ridley football games and select Ridley basketball games. Students and community members can tune into hear favorite athletes perform and listen to games against rivals like Interboro and Upper Darby.

The radio station is in room C208. This club teaches students valuable lessons in radio production. According to Mr. Iannacci, if you can operate the board to control the broadcast here, can walk into any radio station in the country and operate it.

94.9 WRSD is one of only two public school owned radio stations in Delawarean County, with the other being Haverford High School. According to Mr. Iannacci, “It gives students the opportunity to learn about radio also to do their own shows and sports broadcasts.”

Student and radio DJ Kelsey Hendrick passionately said “It’s fun. It’s like our second home. I spend more time at the radio station then I do at home.”

New this year, all fans of the station can now follow 94.9 WRSD on Instagram at _wrsd_ to hear about our members, our schedules, school events, and today’s top music. Follow by going to the link posted at the bottom of this article.

Students can also listen to 94.9 WRSD on the district channel. Tune in and listen to 94.9 WRSD, the home of the Green Raiders.

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