A familiar face: Mr Nelms

By Kayla Oberg ’18


There are many new teachers here at Ridley this year, but one of them may look familiar, Mr Nelms, he is one of the teachers who is returning to the high school. “I’m happy to be back in the Ninth Grade Academy teaching Coreplus 1 again.” Mr Nelms said.

“Mr. Nelms is a good teacher and his work is very easy,” said Elquan, a 9th grade CorePlus 1 student.

Many people know very early what they want to do when they grow up. “As a little kid, I wanted to be in the NBA, but obviously that didn’t work out for me,” Mr Nelms said. “My father was one of the biggest influences on me since he was a teacher also.”

Mr Nelms taught at the middle school for four years. “I taught 8th grade Connected Math for two years and 7th grade Connected Math for another two years,” Mr Nelms said. “I can’t really say I enjoyed one more them the other, but each had qualities that I enjoyed.”

When he first started his at Ridley he taught in the 9th grade Academy. “I taught in the with Mrs. Covert, Mrs. Dugan, Mrs. Pena, Mr. Crooks, Mr. Dykes and Mr. Summa,” Mr. Nelms said.

“My 9th grade algebra teacher really got me interested in math” Mr Nelms said. Math sometimes doesn’t always come easy to some people most of the time they have to keep practicing to really understand what they are learning. “It started to become so easy for me that I finished problems completely correct 10 to 15 minutes before everyone else in the class,” said Mr. Nelms.

Mr Nelms has been in the Ridley School district for eleven years.

The high school community is happy to see him back.

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