Are bathroom breaks a privilege or a problem?


By Siddi Sharma ’22


      Many students face situations where they really had to use the restroom but the teacher just wouldn’t let them. This is one of the most common problems that students have to cope with. It is very common for kids in school to be denied the right to use the bathroom.


        Some teachers restrict bathroom use to a certain time of day or between classes. “One of my teachers tries to ignore our restroom questions and only allows us to go with a pass,” stated freshman Marie Areaga. Even though the teachers do have the right to make students listen to them, they still can’t deny our right to use the restroom whenever we need to.


        Students are often told to use the restroom during the passing time, but is 4-5 minutes enough for students to get to class and also use the bathroom? It is not really possible, even if students try to go, they usually get late and are written up for doing something they were told to do. This is not fair to anyone who tries their best to get to class.

“On average I deal with five to seven students every week who are sent to me for getting late to class because of restroom issues,” said Ms. Cartafalsa, dean of ninth and eleventh grade.


        Students might argue or think about a teacher’s reason for not letting them use the restroom during class. Mr. Stumpo, who teaches math said, “the reason we try not to let students go to the bathroom is they might be just trying to get out of the class or they might miss something important we are telling them.” But is this right, just think about it why would a teacher want anyone to miss something important?


         When talking about restroom use, one question raised by teachers usually comes up: Why should we trust teenagers, what if they don’t really want to use the restroom?  Most of the students use the restroom to just get out of a boring class, or to text their friends, or to cheat on a test. Some students don’t do the right things, and they are not worth of the right to use the bathroom.


           Not everyone is trustworthy but some students who actually do the right thing are denied the right to use the restroom because of the act of some bad students. There is not really a solution for this


            Junior, Ashley Joseph there is a solution.

“Increasing the passing time might help a bit with this problem or sending students by looking at their citizenship grades will be helpful too.”

There are other people who are trying to work on problems like this. Many hope to see an outcome that is helpful for both teachers and students.





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