Alexis Burns

Is there too much Free Speech on Social Media?


Alexis Burns ‘19 Almost everyone these days uses some type of social media, where they can say whatever they like, whether it is the President of the United States, Donald Trump, saying he wants to go to war or the #metoo movement, where men and women share their stories of ...

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A look at discipline: a day in the life of a Dean

By Alexis Burns ‘19 Students sit impatiently in the waiting room, one might be out of dress code, another just wanting to talk. They nervously wait until their name is called to go into the office. The students may think that everyone is out to get them, but all the ...

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“Kids Helping Kids”: Peer Mentoring Program

By Alexis Burns ‘19 Elementary school teachers have a lot on their plates with some kids misbehaving, others waiting patiently for help, a few running around with way too much energy, it is just chaos; that is where the peer mentors come in to lend a helping hand. The Peer ...

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Technology in Our Classrooms


  By Alexis Burns ‘19 “The biggest impact the ipad has given is to the quieter students, who don’t talk much in class. They a way to be heard and to participate in class,” according to Ridley High School teacher Ms. Watts. The iPads and newer technology used in the ...

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