Austin Mahle

Gun Rights: Will They Survive the Onslaught?


By Austin Mahle ‘19   The nation we live in is in a bit of turmoil. The mainstream media discusses the ubiquitous and growing amount of violence, with many believing that guns are to blame. A bipartisan push for greater gun control in both state and the federal legislature is ...

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America’s biggest problem: big government


    By Austin Mahle ‘19 I recently got paid after working very hard over the past month as a busboy in a small restaurant. Since I’m paid monthly, the long wait can be tedious, however well worth it. My hard work had earned me, and the results shocked me: ...

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The Supreme Court: Is It Too Powerful?


By Austin Mahle ‘19     William Howard Taft, former President and Chief Justice of the Supreme Court once said “Presidents come and go, but the Supreme Court goes on forever”. A significant concept even in today’s political and legal climate, many people fail to acknowledge the leviathan power the Court ...

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