Stephanie Pizzi

The Next Generation of Ridley

By Stephanie Pizzi ’19 The Next Generation is an upcoming spotlight focus at Ridley High School. The show will focus on current school topics, such as school stress, sports, academics, current events local and national issues, and more topics as they arise. This idea for the show emerged over the ...

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Taiji dolphin hunt

Dolphins are majestic creatures that have inhabited the earth’s waters for over ten million years. They have saved many people’s lives that were in danger, but now they are the ones that need to be saved. This Japanese tradition dates back to 1675 and is an annual dolphin hunt. The ...

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RHS draws attention to suicide awareness

By Stephanie Pizzi  ’19 “Each year, approximately 34,000 people commit suicide, that is one death every 15 minutes.” reports the Huffington Post. With more awareness, this number can decrease significantly. Suicide is one of the biggest problems presently facing our society. September was National Suicide Awareness week, which helped raise ...

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