Vanessa Lazzaro

Staying focused in class can be hard, but is it really?

Mrs tucci’s class

Photo by Brianna Moss By Vanessa Lazzaro  ’20 Many students have different reasons why they can not stay focused in class. This could include technology with phones and iPads, friends, subject, teachers talking too long or more. The main issue we have concentrating is our cell phone in the classroom. ...

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Meet Winter, a rescued dolphin and movie star


By Vanessa Lazzaro ’20 Many marine animals get injured due to crab cages, fishing nets, boats, littering, and more. Some mammals do not get saved, and just suffer until they die. On December 10, 2005, Winter, an Atlantic Bottlenose dolphin, got injured by a crab cage and got tangled when ...

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Music Review: Ed Sheeran’s Divide

By Vanessa Lazzaro ’20 Ed Sheeran’s Divide hit the make for his fans on March 3, 2017, when it broke the world record of 56 million on Spotify and over 346,000 copies sold with a five out of five star rating on Itunes. The most popular song in the album ...

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