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  1. Avarose Serrano
    Gang Green
    Ridley High School’s Gang Green Club is a multi-faceted program in which students can socialize, learn about plants and horticulture, and gain practical skills. Run by biology and horticulture teacher Mrs. Whelan, Gang Green meets every Wednesday in the garden courtyard or in c303 when the weather is not optimal for gardening.
    Students have freedom when it comes to deciding on what they want to grow. In fact, they can grow any plant that is legal in all 50 states in the greenhouse or garden.
    To become a member of the club, students must attend at least five hours worth of collective meetings throughout the year.
    Mrs. Whelan comments, “I try to make the minimum number of volunteer hours small, because kids have other commitments like work or other clubs, but many of them go over this number easily”
    Nearing the end of the school year, the Gang Green club goes to the annual Philadelphia Flower Show. In order to get discounted ticket prices, students must have their five hours of volunteer time must be attended. While at the flower show, students are free to observe the plants, buy gardening tools and accessories, and they can even enter their own submissions to the show to be displayed amongst the other flowers.
    Whether it’s learning about botany, horticulture, or just taking Wednesdays to enjoy yourself while planting new things, Ridley High School’s Gang Green Club offers many opportunities for students.

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