Common ground for body mods and work?

By Lauren Stabulis ’18

People all over the world are covered in tattoos and piercings, but did their body modifications affect their chances of getting a job?
Yes, certain industries allow tattoos and piercings to a an extent. But when it gets to be too much, they don’t take a second glance.
Avarose Serrano, a junior, said that she has a tattoo and would love to get more when she is older. She mentioned that her career choice should not be affected by her tattoos in the long run because she’s going unprofessional, but even then sometimes they do not consider you for the job. Ava’s tattoo has meaning of inner and worldwide peace. That should not be something to keeps someone  from getting a job.
To working in an office tattoos must be covered. It is professional. But can someone be professional without covering up a tattoo?

Mr. Maiers, assistant superintendent for the district, explained that when hiring someone for the job, it is not always about appearance. “Certain jobs may tell you to cover up, like a Catholic school, that’s strictly policy,” says Maiers. While explaining his experience in interviewing candidates for jobs, Maiers explained that visible tattoos are not the problem, it is what they are and what they mean. It is a different story for piercings. Safety is the main concern for the teachers and students.
Certain jobs care about appearance, whether one looks professional or not. But anyone could look professional and be childish, and body modifications should not determine that.

Mrs. DiDonato, a guidance counselor at Ridley High School, has four tattoos and each has a significant meaning.
“When you get a tattoo, you get it for a reason,” says Mrs. DiDonato. Her most recent tattoo was for her kids, but she would not get any more unless something caught her eye.
Vans Warper Tour has a body modification tent. The people who run the tent ask people to sign a petition that allows tattoos and piercings to be accepted by all jobs. This is a big step in a positive direction because it gives people more job opportunities and it can help them find a long term career, not just a job.

Tattoos are trending more and more. Employers are becoming more comfortable with the idea of body modifications, but others are becoming more harsh. The only way to stop this is acceptance.

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