Creativity and connections

Helena Coste


Creativity is hard to come by. You can’t make it, buy it, or force it to come out. Creativity is a force within you that has to come naturally. Bringing out creativity in students is something Ms. Perry, an art teacher at RHS does every day. “Encouragement is a helpful tool and one step in the process,” she said.

To get Ms. Perry’s  students to excel, there is a process of trial and error to find their strong and weak points. Students have to try all sorts of art ideas and concepts before they have their ah-ha! moment and find their “medium”.

imageBringing out creativity is a different process for nearly everybody, but our art teachers have their own method for bringing out this skill. Ms. Tucci, also an art teacher at RHS, has her pupils experiment with all sorts of art whether it be oils, pastels, pen and ink or any art form until they find their medium.

Sometimes, the students do not want to try the art but with persistence, Ms. Tucci helps them excel and grow in styles they would have never known they possessed the talent. Soon, they become comfortable with that medium and turn out saying “I’m really good at this!”

The process of bringing out the creativity that is locked away within a student can begin with a connection that is made between a student and teacher. Once that connection is made, the real course of action takes place.

These connections can last forever. Ms. Tucci and Ms. Perry, both have had students return long after their graduation. Ms. Tucci had a student who became a world famous glass-blower come back to visit along with several other popular artists. A few others have been inspired to major in art and become art teachers themselves.

All of this comes from a strong connection with teachers.


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