By Austin Escher ’20

Dreaming is a complex physiological  function that is part of our sleep, which is needed for everything in our day to day lives. Many people may be unaware of the significance of dreams, but they are important.

Dreams give energy, improve moods, and help concentration. It is simply the best way to keep the body and mind sane.
Some dreams have foreseen the future. Some known examples came before 9/11 when many residents around the area said that they dreamt of the plane crash into the Twin Towers.
Elias Howe’s (1819-1867) got his idea of the sewing machine from a dream where he was being stabbed. He then thought of the sewing machine because of the way he got stabbed. Later he began building and selling the sewing machine in 1846.

The National Sleep Fondation offers information on how people sleep. There are four stages of sleep and the REM stage. Stage One includes drifting in and out of sleep and being awakened easily. During Stage Two, brain waves slow down and eye movement stops. In Stage Three there are extremely slow brain waves along with smaller and faster waves. In Stage Four, brain waves are barely made. In the REM stage, eyes jerk rapidly, heart rate and blood pressure rise, and breathing becomes irregular.

Nightmares are the most common thing to happen in a dream. As most know it is when a dream turns for the worst and becomes a disaster where there is no way out except waking up.

Then there is insomnia, a disorder where one can not sleep easily, About one out of three people have a mild case of insomnia.

Sleep is needed for basic bodily function. Dreams are what many use do when are minds and bodies area at rest and we drift to a place of wonder.


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