Two little words send shivers down incoming Ridley students’ spines : SCHOOL UNIFORMS

Uniforms vary from school to school. Ridley uniforms consist the same from kindergarten through 8th grade, those is green and white polos and either khaki or black pants. Once you get to high school you get away with some stuff but according to Ridley students it’s not enough.

The uniform is not very rigid at the high school. Students can wear are any colored collared shirt, track jackets( as long as they are zipped), a variety of pant styles, and we can even wear scarves as collars. On the other hand, students can’t wear leggings, sweatpants, jeans, or yoga pants.

Most students at Ridley do not like our “dress code”. Even though principals, teachers, and parents always say “be yourself” and “don’t follow the crowd”, our dress code does not allow students to be different or to show our personalities. Principals disagree with this reaction because they feel uniforms save kids from discrimination.

Another problem with our dress code is the expense. A green polo is no longer $2 even at the cheapest uniform store. Prices vary with the minimum being $10.  As teenagers we care a lot about how we look so school clothes are a lot more expensive. Teenagers shop at places such as Wet Seal, Charlotte Russe, and Aeropostale. Teachers believe you shouldn’t care about where you shop for clothes but if you’re that kid with the Wal-Mart shirt then you get judged.

A possible solution is to improve our dress code.  We can make it better by allowing students to wear jeans as long as they don’t look skimpy or unprofessional. We should not have such a strict dress code.

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