Get A Job Kid!

Get A Job Kid!

By: Sarah Lynch

Many students at Ridley High School need to keep up with what’s “in” such as the latest technology, fashion, and cars. Being a high school student is not easy or cheap, it requires time, effort, and most importantly cash. Unfortunately parents don’t always give you $100 dollar weekly allowance, so to keep up with trends you need to get a paying job!

Being a teenager and trying to find work is never easy, and most of the jobs available are not as glamorous as some hope but they’re a good start and look good on college applications. Maybe you’re into the culinary business and want to start off working with food, there is more opportunities surrounding you then you think! In fact, many of fellow Ridley pupils work with food including Romario Elbasani, senior, works at Double Decker Pizza, Sarah Lynch, Junior works at Marias Prime Time Bakery,  Brianna Benning, junior works at Cacia’s Bakery and Kelly Wilson, senior works at Italian Delight.

So maybe food isn’t your thing, maybe its fashion, like Dominique Memo, senior who works at Wet Seal, a women’s clothing store in the Springfield Mall. Or maybe you’re looking for a higher priority job like in a doctors office or a dentist office or even a physical therapy office just like Monica Walker, Senior who works at Premier orthopaedics.

Being an employee sounds like fun and seems like the jobs would be simple, given  that they require only a someone in their teenage years, but in reality working requires a lot of responsibility, self pride, patience, leadership, and time and effort. The scheduling of work  can be very stressful because of your own personal schedule. You may not always like your co workers or your boss, or you may be put into an uncomfortable or tough situation at work. Aside from some negative stress that comes with work, there are many benefits to being a worker. You can get discounts on clothes if you work in a clothing store, the employee discount in Wet Seal is 20%.

At Maria’s bakery and Cacia’s bakery you get to take home leftovers and also receive a 20% discount. Not only is there a merchandise benefit but also a personal benefit. Words cannot describe the feeling after knowing you put in 100% effort at work, or the pride and joy you feel inside when being praised or even promoted by a boss or manager. No matter what your interests are there’s something out there for everyone, even if what your occupation is during high school is irrelevant to what you want to pursue in your future or even if you don’t make an income  it’s good to at least put yourself out there in the working world. There may be more places hiring then you think, so go to the front office and pick up your working papers. Don’t be a bum and get involved!    

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