Gun control discussion heating up

By Brendan Kilgore ‘18
The gun control debate continues as a recent Florida school shooting sparks conversation between the left and right.

Both groups present valid points; the left wing is outraged that a high school student can not legally drink a beer, yet can obtain and assemble a weapon that took the lives of 17 innocent people.

The right wing citizens however, believe the trigger does not pull itself, and that the people behind the guns are the ones doing the damage.

Senseless gun deaths are a tragedy and I am not arguing that at all. I can see the issue through both points of view.

There are more than 300 million active guns in the United States alone. Though public shootings used to be a rarity, there has seemed to be a slight increase of them throughout the years. Adding to the list is Parkland, along with a Las Vegas concert and Pulse night club in Florida last year. Public shootings happen, which is a problem, but taking away guns entirely only adds fuel to the fire.

Making guns illegal will make half of America happy, and half irate, as some people believe guns are critical in their livelihood not only as a hobby, but also for their safety. Taking away guns immediately may not be the right solution, so other options have been brought up to reduce these incidents.

Better background checks are an example of what could be done to prevent such tragedies. Shooting up a school is psychotic, and a person of Nikolas Cruz’ caliber should not have access to a gun under any circumstance.

Is that the gun’s fault though? That a psychopath got a hold of it and decided to go kill people? There is a hole in the background check system, and sometimes people who may not be qualified slip through the cracks and get their hands on a weapon. I believe that if we improve and perfect our background checks for guns, there will be no more mass shootings.

The gun control debacle is a subject far from being irrelevant, and this shooting has now added to the madness.

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