Gun Rights: Will They Survive the Onslaught?

3C9E535D-D2E4-4DD3-A970-65DA8EDC408CBy Austin Mahle ‘19


The nation we live in is in a bit of turmoil. The mainstream media discusses the ubiquitous and growing amount of violence, with many believing that guns are to blame. A bipartisan push for greater gun control in both state and the federal legislature is a dangerous sign of the times. Red flag laws, which allows family members or friends to report relatives to the police about dangerous behavior and allow their guns to be confiscated, have become popular in both parties. I suppose they believe our 5th and 14th Amendment rights to due process are null and void these days. Many Americans believe that it is good the parties work together to solve the issues, yet history has shown when the parties work together, the citizens pay the price. 


Many Americans, particularly younger Americans, like the March For Our Lives, Students Demand Action, Team Enough, among other organizations, are calling for sweeping gun control, with even former Supreme Court Justice John Paul Stevens writing an opinion piece supporting the repeal of the Second Amendment. The man has completely lost his mind to write something as that. This also is an indication of trouble in our culture. Currently in this country, over 393 million firearms are available in our nation according to the Small Arms Survey 2018, more than the population of the United States! Good luck to the government if it does attempt to collect our guns.


     Gun rights and ownership are an intertwined part of our society, something which half of the country will not easily give up. Gun ownership is not what many people think it is for: hunting, sport shooting, or simple collection. Firearms, as imagined by the Founding Fathers and most modern day conservatives and libertarians, are the basis of preventing government tyranny and subjugation by a central state. Today, the U.S. military is the most powerful fighting force in the world, and some of the most adept soldiers ever created. However, that may also be a sign for us: we as a society are easily able to be overrun, in the God-forsaken event the government were to become tyrannical and start to remove our rights. The Founding Fathers feared the evil that can be done by a standing army, with Thomas Jefferson stating in the Declaration of Independence, “HE has kept among us, in Times if Peace, Standing Armies, without the consent of our Legislatures”. Today, that has come true, if not in such a literal sense, with a massive standing army located throughout the world!


     Why is it many Americans claim to be for gun rights while also demanding a powerful military capable of subjecting us? We as a society have completely ignored the possibility that a democratic government could become evil, which was the exact scenario that occurred in Europe and Asia. Entire societies enslaved and murdered (see Mao Zedong, Stalin, Hitler, Castro et al) by dictators who centralize the power of the state and begin to massacre civilians. Young Americans do not listen to the words of history and follow her guidance, which dictates that firearms are the greatest source of protection from subjugation. The next generation today wants to take away our most significant and unalienable right, whilst also bolstering the government’s arsenal and giving it all the power regarding firearms. We must stand up to this encroachment on our fundamental rights, before we all become slaves to our own fears.


Austin Mahle is President of the Young Americans For Freedom, host of “Mahle In the Morning” on WRSD 94.9 FM, and host of “AP Gov Review” on the RHS TV Channel.


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