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Pets helping to ease the transition to college life


By Brianna Moss ’19

Having a pet in college helps many students transition to college life. Going to college can be stressful, exciting, and even quite scary so having a companion can help ease into things.

Having a pet helps reduce any anxieties people may have about college, meeting new people and “adult-ing”. Having a pet helps with the transitions from being a teenager to having to be a mature adult. Pets provide companionship. Going to college as freshman and not having any friends right away may be difficult.  A pet can help make friends and make time more relaxed. Having a pet also provides a mental health boost for someone feeling down after a long day at school. Having a pet also provides responsibility. One has to take care of the animal buying food cleaning its environment and taking the animal to the vet.

It is the night of a big midterm and your roommate is trying to study and your pet keeps making a lot of noise thus aggravating your roomie. Not only will this affect your studying but it will affect your sleep schedule too. Your roomie may also not approve of your pet. Another big con is pets can be very expensive to maintain. Whether you have a dog or a hamster or a fish you have to buy them food, take them to the vet if they are sick and also care for them. Pets are a big time commitment as well. You are in school you should be focused on school. Having a pet limits where you can live as some dorms do not allow pets and many off campus homes do not allow pets.

Having a pet in college can help with emotional stress and so much more. The emotional benefits outweigh the typical headaches of having a pet.

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Brianna moss ‘19 involved with writing stories for both the yearbook and the Green Raider and is also photo editor for the Green Raider

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