Hoops for Autism Returns

By Sinnia Scully ’20

Last year's participants
Last year’s participants. Photo courtesy of Ms. Pena

If you enjoy playing basketball, being involved in school events or just like to do things out of the kindness of your heart, Hoops for Autism might be for you! Hoops for Autism is a basketball tournament organized by student government. The tournament consists of 20 teams of 4 players each with a minimum of one varsity starter per team. Every player pays $20, which allows them to compete and receive a t-shirt. Each team also gets to pick a theme for their uniforms. There will be three different awards, first place, second place and best theme. Students can even expect to see a DJ at the game. This event serves as a fundraiser as well as entertainment.

The tournament takes place on April 6th. Sign ups for the event take place this week during lunches. No experience is needed and everyone has a chance to play in multiple games. Be sure to be ready with 3 other teammates, a team name and a theme by the time of signups.

The purpose of this event is to raise awareness for autism. All proceeds from this event will go towards Autism Speaks, an autism advocacy organization. Mrs. McGinley hopes to make at least $750 from this event. Even if students don’t want to participate in the tournament, they can pay to watch for only $3, so come show your Ridley pride and contribute to a good cause!

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