Is Dating a Thing of the Past

By Carly Ganley ’20

It seems as if the dating culture has evolved from dinner and a movie to a cycle of text messaging.

Has technology impacted this? Perhaps a change in teen mindsets? Is Ridley High School any different?

Junior Marykate Mercanti believes dating is not as common in today’s society as it was in the past. “None of my friends are in a relationship. It seems as if people have lost interest in the dating concept.”

Katie Thompson, another junior, feels as though the mindset in teens has changed. “Generations ago men were more gentlemen like. Sometimes they would come over and ask your parents to take you out. Nowadays, dates seem to be more stereotypical with what’s popular in society.”

Sophomore Jack McGurk feels strongly about the use of technology interfering with the progress of relationships. “Technology and social media definitely has an impact on relationships. People don’t go out and meet other people anymore. All they do is text message and Snapchat.”

Giselle Gutierrez, a junior at Ridley has a different perspective on teen dating. “All of my friends have been on dates. It is harder for people to work up the courage to ask someone out in person, so they just ask over text message. I don’t believe the idea of dating has completely been left in the past, it’s just different.”

Kim Ganley, a mother of two Ridley students believes she has noticed a shift regarding the new dating culture. “I was asked in person to ‘go on a date’ or ‘go out’. We didn’t have social media but we did speak on the phone.”

Although many students feel as though dating in teens has changed in many ways, some believe it is still present in today’s society.

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