Is Stress For The Best

Believe it or not, being a high school student is probably one of the most stressful time periods any human will encounter in their life. The social aspect, the fashion, the technology, the academics, and the most important and demanding part of high school is planning your future.
A common behavior to some upper class men, and even some underclassmen is stressfulness. Students often freak out over their grades and getting accepted to college. The question is if it’s good or bad to be stressed over your future at such a young age. Many high school counselors and teachers tell you to try your hardest to be a focused student and to not freak out over grades and assignments. However their message is very contradicting. There are about 3267 colleges in Pennsylvania alone and by the time you are barely a legal adult you are suppose to know where you want to go and what you want to do for the rest of your life. Some may say that teachers, parents, and colleges are asking for too much. That it’s nearly impossible to balance out school, extracurricular activities, maintain good grades and yet still enjoy high school and have fun. Or that it’s ok to apply to college undecided and you do not need to know exactly what you want to do for the rest of your life right away. Others just think getting good grades, having a job, playing sports and knowing exactly what you want to do by the time you’re a junior in highschool is normal and expected. That school should be easy and you should do all that’s expected and those who don’t should not have the advantage of people that do extra. The long term question is should you get overwhelmed and miserable or should you be layed back and do the best of your ability. A good thing to always keep in mind is to just always try your best. Don’t disappoint yourself and stay focused. Then high school will come easier and you’ll have time to do more for yourself or your community.

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