Lebron to Philly: The Potential Problems with Signing The King


Philly Philly! That was the primary slogan throughout the sports world as the Philadelphia Eagles took home the city’s’ first championship in a decade. A championship vibe has been dancing through the streets of Philadelphia as we are in a rare time, in which all four of our major sports teams have something going for them. Villanova just won a National Championship, the Flyers made the playoffs, and the Phillies look like they’re pushing for a playoff run this year. Besides the Eagles, a separate Philadelphia sports organization stands out amongst the group.

“The 76ers will win the championship this year” said Philadelphia 76ers fan and Ridley High School senior Nicholas McDermott. “No one is stopping us. Sam Hinkie has blessed us with talent.” Sam Hinkie is the Sixers former General Manager, who at first made executive decisions to land draft picks to acquire the stars we have now.

Finishing the season a whopping 52-30, a vast improvement from their 10-72 record two years ago, it might not seem like they want or need anyone. However, rumors of Cleveland Cavaliers forward Lebron James coming to the City of Brotherly Love are circulating. James is aging, and is the only current player even close to reaching the records of all time great basketball legend Michael Jordan.

A legacy is on the line, but some 76ers fans despise the thought of signing the king. “If we sign him, I will feel bamboozled and flat out deceived” says McDermott. “I want an organic championship.”

By organic, he means that he wants a championship roster of players either signed in free agency, accumulated through the draft, or traded. The feeling of winning a championship with a roster of players that have spent their career with the team is more satisfying than having Lebron come here and guarantee us a final’s appearance. However, a final’s appearance is something the city has been craving for 17 years.

“If Lebron James signed with the Sixers it would be amazing,” says Sixers fan and Ridley Alumni Ken Fridy. “I don’t think anybody would’ve foreseen the biggest name in basketball since Jordan signing with the Sixers even just two years ago.”

In a way, Lebron signing with Philadelphia is eerily similar to Kevin Durant signing with the Golden State Warriors. Of course we are yet to see what the future holds for the Cavaliers in this year’s playoffs, but both athletes would have left their former team and joined a heavy playoff contender.

Some fans insist that the Sixers are already the best team in the Eastern Conference, and that Lebron is the last piece needed in order to win a championship.
Signing Lebron would be the missing puzzle piece in obtaining a championship for the 76ers and the city of Philadelphia. Any time you have a chance to get the best player in the world, you take it,” says 76ers fan David Kilgore. A realist, he bashes Philadelphia sports teams’ flaws, but never jumps on other teams’ bandwagons. His quote says a lot, considering he does extensive research tweeting over 19 thousand times.

“I would feel many different emotions if Lebron signed with us,” says longtime Sixers fan Daniel McGuire. “I would feel great that we’d be on top of the NBA game, but at the same time I would feel that we took the easy way out to make the Finals.”

Lebron to Philly is certainly a controversial topic with varying opinions. However no one can deny that the move would shake up the basketball world.

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