Let There Be… ROCK!!!

Rachel Raspanti ‘22

Most teenagers have seen Jack Black portray Dewy Finn in the hit movie, School of Rock. Black played the unusual yet intriguing teacher who taught and inspired students with his love of music. Students of all ages who wish to pursue music can explore and strengthen their skills at Delco Let There Be Rock School.


Sophomore Logan Millison has taken guitar lessons at the school for six years and is currently in the band program.


“You get to experience seeing what it’s like in a real band and it helps you get noticed around.” Along with the band program, bands perform at different venues. Bands have the opportunity to play at places such as Tom N Jerry’s and the Yachtstock Music Festival which was recently held on the banks of the Delaware River at the West End Boat Club.


10th grader McKenna Daley, being the daughter of the owners, grew up surrounded by the school. She takes bass and vocal lessons, using both in two different bands. McKenna revealed that going to the school helps her in more ways than one.


“It helps me know how to work in a group because in a band you’re not the only person or the most important person. It also helps to know and account for other people’s needs.” Having the chance to continually go to the school, McKenna said she has been able to make really good friends that she has had forever and that she feels like she will have forever.


On May 1st, 2011, John and Melissa Daley opened up the Delco Let There Be Rock School. After helping a friend open a similar school in Maryland, “I just really started to like the idea of eventually opening my own school after that. So I did, and have loved it since day one.”, John said. Besides taking lessons for guitar, ukulele, bass, piano, vocals, or drums, being in a band is available. “Our band program is a great way to experience actually being in a band because you are in a real band,” John stated.


At Ridley, music courses such as guitar, percussion, and vocal techniques are available. But, there is no guarantee that students will have the opportunity to take them. Delco’s Let There Be Rock School is a great alternative for those classes. Teachers work one on one with the student, giving them their undivided attention and working thoroughly with them.


“I feel like in the rock school you get more one on one time. I’ve developed a friendship with my instructor and I’m comfortable around her. I feel like if it was a big class like our school choir, I would be uncomfortable singing” Mackenzie Stranix said.


Freshman Mackenzie Stranix has been taking lessons at the school for years now, previously taking guitar lessons and currently taking bass and vocal lessons. Mackenzie is a part of two bands, playing bass in one and singing in the other.


More information can be found at https://www.delcorockschool.com/.


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