Lockdown drills need to be taken seriously


By Courtney Mayfield ‘19

Bang! Pow! Slam! “Quick, everyone get in the corner”. Everyone walks toward the corner talking on their phones not having a care in the world, thinking that it’s just a drill.

Most school shootings people blame it on people with mental illnesses and say that they need to be under watchful eye. A recent Fox News report admits that “Researchers lack data that can influence gun violence, but they did find fewer school shootings occurred in states with mandatory background checks and higher spending on mental health and education.”  People are so quick to judge mental health that they don’t take a deeper look at it and think that it was partly their fault maybe due to cyberbullying or bullying in general.

Lockdowns have been around as long as most of us can remember. They are designed to help kids stay safe during school shootings.

On April 20,1999 Columbine High school, was the first mass school shooting with, 13 dead and over 20 students injured, and it only got worse after that.  Some people, may say that schools need better processes to help kids feel safe even during a drill but still getting everyone to understand the realness of a lockdown.

According to Sydney Waddell, who is a freshman here at Ridley, she says that even though she feels safe in school that “anyone in present time doesn’t feel safe anywhere”.

Many students ranging from freshman to seniors don’t know the true process of what to do, they may know to hide in a corner and stay quiet but it stops there. Most students believe that there should more practice lockdown due to the change of schedule on a day to day basis. Phillip Impriano, a senior that attends Ridley, believes that “the teachers need more communication of what’s happening even though you can’t control the situation”.

School days may start out as a normal day but once a school is notified that they are threatened, they have to make phone calls to the parents. A couple minutes later, thousands of parents are worried and scared they won’t have a child coming out of the school alive. You have students hiding behind anything they can until the police show up and you have a teacher that is standing right next to the door in case someone does come in the room; he/she becomes the barrier between the shooter and students.

We are not prepared for a lockdown but we can’t really prepare for that, can we? Lockdowns need to be taken more seriously. Instead of saying it is a drill, take it as a real situation because it could be life or death. While in a lockdown you must go into the corner of the room or a place where you are not exposed. Lock and close the door, shut all light and blinds if there are any in the room and stay as quiet as possible. Try to stay off your phone as much as possible and then wait for the all clear from either a teacher or administration.

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