Making a difference, Ridley’s first student run Dance-A-Thon

By Nina Arcilla’22


856C5D22-4EF6-43E3-9101-65A8977FBB6ARidley High School is hosting its first ever dance-a-thon and it’s all for a good cause,  pediatric cancer awareness; so get ready to dance!


This year Ridley is hosting a “mini-THON”.  Ridley currently has a partnership agreement with Four Diamonds, a research foundation for pediatric cancer, all the money raised will go to its research and patients. The For the Kids (FTK ) was started by Charles and Irma Millard in 1972. Penn State Children’s Hospital has created the Four Diamonds and has been used in the form of a “mini-THON” and several other fundraisers to promote pediatric cancer awareness and research.


Senior, Anna Charitonchick  brought in a leadership council of more than 20 students. Student Council members Nate Warwick, Shannon McKee, James Pewdo, Francesca Murgidi, and more have helped organize the THON.


 “ I always thought mini-THON could bring this community together even more than it already has,” said Anna Charitonchick. “ Ridley is a big community and I just fell in love with the idea of making a difference for kids with pediatric cancer.”


Supporting Ridley’s fundraising efforts for the dance-a-thon was this year’s “gold-out”.  The Gold Out contributed to promoting pediatric cancer awareness and is in relation to the FTK.  The THON will last for at least six hours rather than 48, which is why it is called a “mini- THON”.  The thon will be in the spring in the last week of March but no date has been confirmed yet.


FTK’s advisor is Ridley High School Assistant Principal,  Mrs. Pena.  She is excited to be apart of the process on developing the mini-THON with the students and seeing how passionate they are about it. Her role as the advisor is to answer any questions and  support them.


“It’s easy to put on a shirt, it’s easy to support a cause just by wearing something, but to actually physically put the work in behind the scenes to make something happen; you know that kind of community service, that’s a pretty good lesson learned, ” said Mrs. Pena.


FTK committees are: fundraising,  entertainment, hospitality, family relations, social media, and more. The committees have been working very hard to reach their goals for the THON.


“I just want to have a good time; it’s  all part of the high school experience,” says freshman Brianna Newmiller who discovered FTK through friends who also volunteered and says she wanted to do it for fun and because it’s good for her college application.

Mckenna Daley, a sophomore, who is a part of the entertainment committee, found FTK through twitter and signed up due to knowing musicians in the area and wants to help with live music. “ It’s all for raising money for charity and I thought that was something really special to be apart of,” said Daley.


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