Mary’s House – A New Classroom for APT Program




One in every ten children in Ridley High School has been diagnosed with special needs. This means our high school has a high population of special needs children. To meet this need, the district is now renting a home in Eddystone. Mary’s house will be the home for an adapted learning oppurtunity for the A.P.T (Adults Preparing for transition) program.

This new off-campus classroom, owned by a former Ridley School District teacher Mrs.Mary Dempsey. She was a valuable  district employee for many years, who retired in 2009 and passed away in 2012.In honor of Mrs. Dempsey the district decided to call  this modified classroom Mary’s House.

The A.P.T program is directed by Mrs.Kelli Mullany, Supervisor of Pupil Services, and coordinated by Mrs. Laura Receveur, a Special Education teacher at Ridley Middle School. This Program is intended for students 18-21 years old, who are eligible for special needs.
A.P.T students will learn lifeskills such as banking, time management, consumer education, housing, transportation, social skills, and recreation.  “Our students will get to experience how to live life on their own,” said Ms. Wentzel.

Currently, students have a choice to attend this program. Students attending this program will not receive grades but will receive regular performance feedback. The performance feedback will be like a report card, which the special education teacher will share with the principal, parents, and each student’s case manager.

Untitled drawingThe A.P.T program is a great opportunity for special needs children to learn how to live life independently.

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