Mr Murgidi teaching raider time  concert band
Mr Murgidi teaching raider time concert band

Mr. Murgidi: from band member to band leader

By Brianna Moss ‘19

A former Ridley student is the newest addition to the high school staff and his name is Mr. Murgidi.

“The thing I lose sleep over most is what you’re going to take away with you after high school,” said Mr. Murgidi to the Ridley Raider Marching Band after the band was getting down on themselves.

His newest students have very positive opinions about him. Freshman Savanna Grahamma, a flute player in the marching and concert band said, “Mr. Murgidi makes things easier to understand and he is very calm and understanding.”

For sophomore  Hannah Barnes a member of many activities in the music program says “since his first day in practice and so far throughout this year, Murgidi has brought nothing but joy to the music program. Every single day it’s something new. It’s almost impossible not to laugh and smile when he’s in the room. Murgidi is always so very helpful when it comes to almost anything whether that’s inside or outside of school. He cares for each and every single one of his students and I’m sure will continue to lead the band to many successes.”

Aidan Moran a sophomore from Ridley’s pep band hopes more people will join marching band because of his good rep with Ridley. Moran said “I’ve always liked Murgidi, even before he was our band director, he played tuba for concert band and pit band.” Many students knew Murgidi before he was a teacher because of him playing tuba in the concert and pit band.
Mr Murgidi has many inspirations including other drummers, however his real inspiration is being in front of students, “you can not plan for their questions especially when teaching elementary.”
Mr. Murgidi teaches at the high school and Edgewood Elementary. He has no preference on which grade level he teaches. “Some days I want to go to Edgewood and some days I just want to stay at the high school.”

Mr. Murgidi graduated from Ridley High School in 2013. In the Ridley Raider marching band he marched snare drum and in Ridleys concert band he played tuba and drum set. After his high school he moved on to college for five years at Temple University. In college he was strictly a percussionist. While in college he was a part of the head drum staff at Springfield and when he was not teaching future percussionist he played in many gigs. He then came back to Ridley in the summer of 2018 to teach the percussion section of the Raider marching band. Mr Murgidi was hired to take Mrs. Vafiadis spot as band director. Mrs. Vafiadis left Ridley to get her doctorate at the university of Miami.
Many music students believe that Mr Murgidi will do great as band director here at Ridley because he is also Ridley alumni and he has such a great personality and he cares about all of his students. He once said to the band, “you don’t get good at anything if you don’t inspire to do better.”

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