Music Review: Ed Sheeran’s Divide


By Vanessa Lazzaro ’20

Ed Sheeran’s Divide hit the make for his fans on March 3, 2017, when it broke the world record of 56 million on Spotify and over 346,000 copies sold with a five out of five star rating on Itunes.

The most popular song in the album is “Shape of You”.
Ed Sheeran is a 26-year old artist. He makes amazing music that everyone loves to hear. He wrote some songs that he wasn’t sure he wanted to go into the album because it meant something special to him. For example, “Supermarket Flowers” is about his grandmother, Nancy, who passed away while he was writing the song.

“Nancy Mulligan” is based on a true story about his grandparents.

“It reminded me of someone who I lost,” said Sarah Taddei, freshman,
Madi Wheatley, a freshman, can identify with some of Sheeran’s lyrics. “You can tell them that you love them and then you don’t get the same response,” when she thinks of the song ‘How Would You Feel.’
Students have different feelings about all of the songs. Some people find the album upbeat. Others find it emotional .
There are many meaningful lyrics that are powerful enough to make most girls  and fans emotional.

Ed Sheeran comes to Philadelphia on July 11 and 12, 2017.

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