Music trends in the Philly area

by Juliana Kattes, ’18

Earlier in 2014 a music technology firm called Echo Nest shared a series of maps tracking American music tastes with

This firm gave results for each genre from latin music to folk music.  In the Philadelphia area, it reported that mostly electronic, alternative, blues, jazz, latin, r&b, rap, and rock were popular. The same website also has results for the favorite artists in each state as of 2014. Last year it was Jay-z in the Philadelphia area.

So I polled some High School students to see if Echo Nest’s findings are accurate.

“I mostly listen to rap,” said freshman, Shana Barrett “I hate country music. I mostly like Snoop Dogg and Eminem, but I can’t stand Justin Bieber.”

“I like pop and oldies music. They’re my favorite,” said freshman, Bailey Gaul. “I like Shawn Mendes and Bon Jovi, but I don’t like Sam Smith.”

Believe it or not, some students do not even have favorites.

“I can listen to almost any kind of music, I like just whatever sounds good to me,” said sophomore, Mike Myers. “I don’t have any particular artist that I listen to, but I do really like Earl Sweatshirt.”

“I don’t have a favorite music genre,” said freshman, Abdul Kamara, “I like Nico and Vinz, but I like other artists as well.”

For me, I mostly like rap, hip-hop and alternative. I also listen to artists like Meek Mill and The Neighborhood. So it seems that students at Ridley High have a diverse outlook when it comes to music. Some like the oldies, others like rap. The map signifies that we are mostly rock and rap fans, and that shows in a few people interviewed, as well as myself, but outliers in the map like things that may not be as popular.

Now I wonder what popular genre will catch the attention of “The City of Brotherly Love” next year.


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