Netflix original “Everything Sucks!” canceled after one season

Sam Margolis ’18


Netflix has recently announced that they will not be renewing the 1990s-set comedy and drama Everything Sucks! for a second season, causing an outcry among fans and the LGBT community.

The 10 episode Netflix original series follows the coming-out story of Kate Messner, a sophomore at Boring High School in 1996 Oregon, as she struggled to hide her sexuality from her peers and father in fear of being judged. The plot centers around the AV club and the drama club, two groups of high school misfits that come together to produce a movie for their community.

As the story progresses, Kate forms new relationships with members of these clubs, one with a boy named Luke who has a big crush on her, and another with the female star of the drama group, Emaline, who she develops feelings for as she is “dating” Luke. Eventually, Kate ends her one-sided relationship with Luke because she cannot reciprocate his feelings and secretly begins to pursue Emaline, who also has trouble coming to terms with her feelings towards girls. This aspect of the plot serves as an outlet for LGBT youth to identify with the characters and show them that their struggles are recognized.

“What I like about the show is that it’s very authentic and in sync with the issues faced by today’s youth,” says Celeste Blair, a Ridley High School junior. “It accurately represents the LGBT community without sexualizing the gay characters like some other shows do, so it deserves to be continued.”

Everything Sucks! is most notable for its LGBT+ representation through the character development of both Kate and Emaline as they learn to accept themselves. Throughout the film project, there was undeniable romantic chemistry between the two girls, but the fear of being ridiculed for their homosexuality delayed their relationship until near the end of the season. In the meantime, Emaline and Kate dated boys in attempt to mask their sexualities from their peers, but on the inside, they knew they had feelings for each other.

The cancellation of the show left viewers upset and angered that Netflix has taken away yet another impactful LGBT+ representative series, in addition to the Netflix original Sense8.

“I think shows like Everything Sucks! are important to continue releasing because of their representation of LGBT youth,” says Meghan Lynch, a junior at Ridley High School. “There should definitely be a season two since there is so much of Kate and Emaline’s story left to be told about their relationship.”

Despite receiving a 69% rating on Rotten Tomatoes and having a loyal fan base, this coming-of-age series did not appeal to a mass audience, resulting in Netflix’s decision to pull the plug on it. The cast members as well as many fans have been advocating for its renewal by tweeting “#RenewEverythingSucks” in hopes to attract enough attention and viewers to convince either Netflix or another network to pick up the show for a second season.

What is even worse about the show’s cancellation is that the season one finale was a cliffhanger, so now viewers will never know where the story goes. Will Kate and Emaline finally come out to their family and friends? What will happen with Luke’s absent father unexpectedly returning? These unanswered questions leave fans without closure.

“I am so mad that such a great, nostalgic show has been cancelled. It has a beautiful love story, amazing characters, and a relatable plotline,” commented Jami Houser, a Ridley High senior.

Hopefully Netflix or another network will listen to the fans and renew Everything Sucks! for at least one more season to wrap up the story and satisfy viewers.

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