New locker system causing complaints

By Christian Dath ’17

Over the past month students and faculty have been adapting to a new locker system in the school.  Students’ lockers are now supposed to be positioned close to their respective homerooms.  What seems to disappoint a large majority of students is that their new lockers are either nowhere near their homeroom or nowhere near their classes.  While most students seem to give the system a negative review, Mr. Whitehead, assistant principal, speaks only good things for it.  image

Senior, Christian Kahn at a locker.

“The organization of lockers came about with the establishment of homerooms to help organize the school better, organize students, and help with transitions,” said Mr. Whitehead.  “It has also been assisting with getting students to school.  As far as attendance, it is helping with lowering the number of students showing up late so far.”

The new locker system was implemented to put students on specific floors depending on their grade.  Then students would be near their homerooms.  This is not the case though, many students have lockers on different floors than their respective grade level.

“My homeroom is on the third floor and my locker is on the first,” said senior, Leigh Ann Jenkins.

Jenkins is not the only student to express negative views of the locker setup.  Jake Mayer, a senior and cross-country runner, declared the new setup as “inconvenient”.  Even though his locker is near his homeroom, it is not near most of his classes, causing him to have to rush to the third floor in order to change books.

Many students having similar problems to Jenkins and Mayer have been struggling to adapt to the new locker system and wish that it would be changed back to the old setup.  “There is no such thing as error-free,” said Mr. Whitehead, “There will always be some outliers.”

Mrs. Schaffer, a teacher who has a homeroom, said that her students do arrive on time to homeroom but she does not think it is due to the new lockers.  Her homeroom students have lockers on the first floor in D wing while her room is on the second floor in B wing.  Despite the distance, the students still manage to make it to class on time.  She also commented that most of the students complain about having lockers so far from their homeroom and classes.

Even though a majority of students dislike the new lockers, the administration argues that there are more benefits in keeping the new system such as organization, safety, and more efficiently changing classes.

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