“Ralph Breaks The Internet” Movie Review

By: Patrick McSwiggan ’19

58B439F2-D97A-457A-B54A-AC8443FE6C36In “Ralph Breaks the Internet”, this movies tells a tale of how two best friends manage to get through their issues and get through the problems of insecurity and letting go of friends while being in the internet. These two best friends are of course Litwak’s Arcade video game characters Wreck-It Ralph and Vanellope von Schweetz, who are voiced by John C. Reilly and Sarah Silverman.


In the first film, Ralph wanted to be a hero and win a medal so he can get the respect he wants, but he almost destroys the entire arcade in doing this. In the end, Ralph saves the arcade from Turbo (voiced by Alan Tudyk), a glitch who destroys games, with the help of Fix-It Felix Jr. (voiced by Jack McBrayer) and Sergeant Tamora Jean Calhoun (voiced by Jane Lynch). During this movie, Ralph forms a great friendship with Vanellope von Schweetz, one of the racers from “Sugar Rush”, who also stole Ralph’s medal. This new friendship caused many ups and downs, but there were more ups, and it was only the beginning.

This new adventure contains a totally different plot. The movie starts out with Ralph and Vanellope showcasing their great friendship that they’ve had for six years. However, Ralph causes the game “Sugar Rush” to break when he creates a new race path for Vanellope. With the wheel broken off, the arcade owner shuts down the game, and Sugar Rush goes completely homeless, people from the game run off to different games to seek shelter. However, Ralph finds a replacement wheel, but he has to go to the Internet in order to get it. As Ralph and Vanellope enter the world of the Internet, there is many references to the real life Internet, like Google, Instagram, Twitter, and so much more. Ralph and Vanellope go to eBay to auction off for the wheel, and they get it, but they need over $30,000 in 24 hours. They start out by stealing a car from the game “Slaughter Race”, but it doesn’t work, but Shank (voiced by Gal Gadot), the main character from the game, helps them out. They then arrive at BuzzzTube, where they meet Yesss (voiced by Taraji P. Henson), who helps them make the money by turning Ralph into a internet sensation. However, while advertising, Vanellope enters the Disney World section and meets the Disney Princesses, who tell her to fulfill her own destiny.

Remembering the Princesses words, Vanellope decides she wants to stay in Slaughter Race and not go back. When Ralph hears about this, he wants to make the game boring so Vanellope wouldn’t stay, but ends up almost breaking it when the virus scans Vanellope’s glitch. Vanellope was furious at Ralph, she ends up leaving Ralph, making him feel insecure, which the virus scans and releases clones of Ralph into the Internet. A giant formed Ralph almost destroys the Internet, but Ralph wanted to keep Vanellope safe since the giant was looking for her because of his insecurity. Ralph admits his insecurity and says he will change to make Vanellope happier, which causes the giant clone to be destroyed. In the end, Ralph lets Vanellope go off to Slaughter Race, Sugar Rush is fixed, and Ralph gets more friends, which makes everyone happy in the end. But don’t worry, Ralph and Vanellope make sure to contact each other weekly.

This new movie was great, and I loved everything about it. I am a huge fan of the “Wreck-It Ralph” franchise. I mostly loved the life lesson that this movie taught, which was “To be a great friend, you would do anything for them, even if that means letting them go.” I loved all of the references to networks and games in the real life Internet today, it was just so cool. I do feel like the directors should have tried to include the original cast more since Fix-It Felix Jr. and Sergeant Tamora Jean Calhoun weren’t in the movie that much. Putting that aside, I give this movie a 10/10, but I still like the first movie better.

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