Ridley Duo’s Talent Extends Far Beyond the Classroom

By Madison Ricker ’17

The last thing you’d expect to find in a small Leedom basement is a music studio–but that’s exactly what you’d come across if you stepped foot into the home of Christian Kahn, a Ridley senior.

Kahn, a member of a duo entitled edit.line, has always had a passion for music.

“I took lessons for drums, guitar, and bass guitar throughout elementary and middle school,” said Kahn, when prompted about how his passion for music came to be. “As a kid, I had a journal that I would write song ideas in. I’ve been seriously writing songs ever since seventh grade and I have plenty of beaten-up spiral notebooks to prove it.”

While Kahn loves all aspects of music, songwriting is where his heart is, manifesting into dozens of original songs that he has released over the past year.

“We (edit.line) write all of our music and lyrics,” said Kahn. “When writing lyrics, I typically just put a beat on repeat and just sit down and go at it. My ideas usually come when I’m upset and I need to express it, or when I’m thinking a lot about something and want to say something about it,” explains Kahn. “I try to get the listener to really feel the song and what I’m experiencing.”

Although Kahn contributes a lot to his band, he doesn’t do all the work. “Christian Dath and I have been working together for almost two years now,” says Kahn. “We both act as instrumentalists, vocalists, and producers for our band. We have two different styles but I feel that they mesh well together,” said Kahn, citing his style as being a mix of alternative, rap, and pop/electronic. “It’s a great feeling when he sends me a beat I could never come up with, yet would love to write to.”

Kahn’s also influenced by artists he listens to regularly. “I get a lot of inspiration from Twenty One Pilots, EDEN, Jon Bellion, Death Cab for Cutie, and Childish Gambino,” he said, adding that Ridley’s own Mr. Kraweic has also been a great mentor and inspiration. “One great thing has been getting to meet and talk with Mr. Kraweic. He’s really experienced with music and has been a big help.”

After spending years on his journey with music, Kahn offers a piece of advice to Ridley students interested in pursuing their own musical passions.

“Start getting involved with music in any way you can: listen to more music, start writing lyrics, practice an instrument or two, and take a stab at programming and making music on a software like GarageBand or FL studio. You’re going to have a hard time with it at first, but just focus on having fun with it because that’s really the most important thing,” said Kahn.

“I truly love and enjoy creating music, which is why I’ve continued to do it for so long and have improved so much.”

Music by edit.line, including their freshman album “Second Dates in Awkward Places”, can be found on YouTube and Soundcloud.

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