The Feminist Club forms at RHS

By: Amanda Qendro ’20

Victoria Claflin Woodhull was the first female in the United States to run for president in 1872.       Their still has not been a female president yet?
It’s 2017 and women are still getting paid 20% less than men for the same job. The feminist club at Ridley High School will bring empowerment and awareness to women.
But what is feminism? Freshman Joey Kovach, member of the feminist club, said “feminism is the empowerment of women and the idea that women and men are equal.”
Feminism can mean different things to different people. But feminism is not women thinking they are better than men, or wanting to take all of the men’s jobs, it’s about making women and men equal.
The feminist club meetings are held in room A115. So far the feminist club has had four meetings. “At each meeting there has been about 14 students” said Mrs. Cartafalsa. “The meetings are great, I get to meet a lot of new people and we got to talk about really interesting topics like social media and its powers on bullying” Joey Kovach said. The founder of this club is Alyssa Caporellie, a student at Ridley High School.
The feminist club plans to put feminine products in the girls bathrooms and to make everyone see the issues that women face.“We have talked about cyber bullying and presence online and why it’s important to build each other up, rather than bringing each other down, so we have covered a lot of what we can do to take back social media with using the right words and actions to bring things into the right direction” said Mrs. Cartafalsa. Also, “the club is going very well and we are actively recruiting new members” Mrs. Cartafalsa stated.
“There are both boys and girls in the in the club and it’s amazing that they are going to be talking about the discrepancies women face and that people can get a better understanding of what true feminism is,” said Mrs. String, a guidance counselor at RHS.
“The main goal for this club is to find a spot for students to feel safe in, support each other, and build each other up” said Mrs. Cartafalsa. The same way that women all around the world should do to each other. Feminism is truly about women conquering the world and having no fear.


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