School Lunch: Delicious and Nutritious

By Sinnia Scully ’20

Opinions about school lunches have existed for years now. Some days you may love the school lunch, other days you may dread it. But do you really know what it is that you’re eating?

Eating healthy isn’t always the easiest thing to do, but most schools try their hardest to incorporate healthy food options into their lunches. I’m sure everyone has a favorite. Whether it’s cheesesteak calzone or pasta bar. Most people don’t know that the nutritional value of every lunch item can be accessed on the school website. This can drastically change your lunch choices.

Mrs. Burdalski, a ninth grade health teacher and an active member of the wellness committee, pays attention to the school lunches. Although she thinks the school makes an effort to make the lunches healthy, she doesn’t think some of the lunches should be categorized as full meals. “Mozzarella sticks don’t seem like an actual meal,” she says. She also said it’s not that easy to find the nutritional value of the lunches on the website. However, she did have many ideas for the cafeteria. Such as a way to rate the school lunches or finding the nutritional value by having scan codes in The Den. She brought this up to the district’s wellness committee, so this is possibly something to look forward to.

“Mrs. Snyder is actually the one who decides the school lunches,” says Dr. Acker, Ridley High School Principal. “She is the one who plans what we eat based on nutrition. Actually, the reason waters are not included in the lunches is because they have zero nutritional value”. Although Dr. Acker does not agree with this logic, there’s not anything he can really do about it.

“I think they should serve more variety,” says ninth grade student, Bella Murgidi. Her problem with the school lunches is the fact that they serve the same things every week. There are some things she likes about the lunches. For example, she likes the salad bar and the soups. She also likes the fact that they sell many different types of drinks; however, she thinks they should be included in the lunches. Her biggest concern seemed to be the quality of the food, which is a popular concern among students.

Mr. Mann highlighted the nutritional value of the lunches, but he also mentioned new ideas for the cafeteria. Remember when the yogurt bar was introduced to the cafeteria? It was a huge success. This is something that students could possibly see again in The Den. Another idea the health committee brought up is the idea of a “healthy item for the day.” Having something new to the lunches could possibly be something to look forward to.


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