Security at RHS




Security at RHS

Students are chaotically flooding the halls at Ridley High School as the time students are expected to be in homeroom nears. A quarrel breaks out in the cafeteria where students are currently getting breakfast. Fists are colliding between two male juniors as administrators are rushing to the scene to disperse the commotion. The fight ends on its own as principals and deans are unable to contain the disturbance before the police are already contacted.

Could this situation have been avoided if security at the high school was more efficient?

Currently, there are no school security guards on hand. Only trained para-professionals help patrol the hallways and try to keep altercations and other safety hazards under control.

“Despite the lack of physical security guards, I do still feel safe in school.” Sinnia Scully, a freshman, answers. Many students can agree that even though our school isn’t as secure as other high schools may be, our administration does do a thorough job in ensuring the safety of the students.

Mr. Joe Spinelli, current front desk security, says he tries to do a thorough job at securing the main entrance of the school. “I do this by checking the identification cards of all visitors for authenticity and also their overall appearance and conductivity for any suspicions.”

More students worry more about fights breaking out rather than an intruder breaking into school to potentially harm them.

According to Mr. Signor, assistant principal, he believes that the number of physical disturbances has not exceeded the average amount per school year. “Our faculty does the best they can to contain the situation before authorities have to be called,” he says.

Students could concur however, the number of fights in school has seemed to increase this year.

“There have been quite a few fights actually, especially by the cafeteria and D-wing areas,” said Miguel Gamble, a senior.

Students who like to enjoy breakfast in the cafeteria or by the tables outside the Raider’s Den would agree with this statement. In actuality, the number of fights wasn’t drastically increasing, but they were happening more frequently.

“The amount of fights have not exceeded the normal, which is about ten per year, I promise you, but they have been closer in proximity I do admit,” says Mr. Signor. This common misconception has caused students, and some teachers to believe that the number of fights has been drastically increasing.

Some would agree that security would help the situation even further. “By securing the school with guards our school can prepare for any altercations.” Jace Roberts, a sophomore, replied. “I don’t think it will help with things such as students skipping class, but it would be beneficial for other issues in school.”

The discussion on whether our school truly needs to security is still up for debate. Many believe our school only has minor issues that could be improved, while others stem along the means of adding highly trained security to our building to end problems such as altercations and students skipping class. Opinions about security at Ridley High School varies by person to person, and everyone’s individual experience. General safety has never been an issue, but with the frequency of disturbances arising, many believe there needs to be major improvements made to the way our school conducts overall security.

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