Senior seating arrives to cafeteria

By Brian Bingnear ’17

Seniors have a big privilege this year as new optional seating has made its way into the brand new R-Zone.

New lunch seats have been placed outside the cafeteria for the seniors. The idea of the seats was thought up by our four principals over the summer. The reviews, so far, have been nothing but good feedback.

“I think the lunch seating is pretty cool,” said Liam Thompson, a senior and starting guard for the Ridley Raiders basketball team. “We have our own secluded section away from the under class men and it is good to give the seniors a little break.”

He appreciates this opportunity.

“I think it just comes with territory of being a senior and about to go off to college and it is just a privilege to be out there.”

The new seating is located across from the school store and Financial Literacy Cenimg_5224ter just before the cafeteria. This gives the seniors the option to sit in the R-Zone to eat lunch instead of in the same seats they have been in for three years.

“It is nice to get out of the crowded, loud cafeteria and just eat in peace,” Jamai Bean added, “I think it gives the Class of ‘17 a little bit of pride to be able to sit out there; I like the idea of only our class sitting out there.”

The new lunch seating includes four tall chairs around ten high blck tables. Seniors can also sit outdoors.

“This idea of was bounced around all four of the principals during the summer and we were excited to see how the idea went,” said Mr. Signor.

“Its awesome!” said Leighann Jenkins. “My friends and I love it so far. Everyone keeps it clean and no one is too loud in the seating area. Everyone is doing their part and showing how responsible the class of 2017 can be.”

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