Seniors Attend Class Night at Citizen’s Bank Park


By Sam Gilpin ‘ 17

As graduation quickly approaches, the class of 2017 enthusiastically attended Class Night, a semi-formal dance, at the Diamond Club in Citizen’s Bank Park on Friday, March 24. Close to 300 seniors attended this event.

The night kicked off with a view of the baseball stadium, as the “Rockin’ R” was displayed on the scoreboard. Senior, Bobby Adam, explained that the highlight of the night was seeing his name next to the scoreboard. Each senior’s name was shown across the smaller screens surrounding the field.

Hailee Mayer, a senior class officer, most enjoyed the food. Students chose from Philly themed snacks, including cheesesteaks, crab fries, and soft pretzels. As the night progressed, the seniors flocked to the dance floor and enjoyed the DJ’s music, dancing the night away. Courtney Robertson, a senior, appreciated the time with her classmates.

“My favorite part of Class Night was everyone coming together and dancing. There were no cliques, and it was a fun opportunity to spend time with the other seniors before graduation.”


Photo of Sam Gilpin and Courtney Robertson.

The event was planned by senior class sponsors, Mrs. Cardow, Mrs. Wagner, and Mrs. Sheehan, as well as the senior class officers, Ken Wallace, Hailee Mayer, James Clark, and Mike McMenamin.

“Class Night is one of the best dances and a great tradition that students get to celebrate as a class. I always think it kicks off the spring senior events nicely, and most students will often call it the best event of their senior year, aside from graduation,” shared Mrs. Wagner.

Since the dance was held in the city, the school provided buses to transport students from the high school to the dance and back. Courtney Robertson enjoyed going to the city and experiencing a new environment.

“It was nice to have a dance in a new atmosphere, since all of the other dances are at the high school or banquet halls.”

As Class Night is the only dance exclusively for seniors, students enjoyed spending time with their peers and reflecting on their high school experiences.

“My favorite memory with the class of 2017 is probably Class Night. It symbolized the beginning of the end of our journey together and was really nice for us all to be together,” said Hailee.


Photo of former Emerald Academy students.

Mrs. Wagner enjoyed her time with the senior class.

“I know I speak for Mrs. Sheehan, Mrs. Cardow, and the rest of the administration when I say we will miss the class of 2017 when they graduate, and we are happy to have planned a great event for them.”

Class Night was a unique bonding experience for the senior class and a memory they will cherish in years to come.

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