State of the States

By: Aidan Maloney “19

We are the most divided since the Civil War. Two sides clashing using media and social networks to push their ideals. The Conservatives versus the Liberals, the left and the right.

Charlottesville was a scary reminder of what people can do when we are divided like this. The divide between the “Nazis” and the activists came to a head and the true divide was shown when  a man drove his car into a crowd. If this does not scare you about how divided we are, then you are surely lost.  

It is a scary thought to think we are so divided,  and it is constantly talked about. It is all over the media, but no one is doing anything about it. The nation is almost completely split into two sides. “There are clear lines,” said Ridley High School’s assistant principal, Mrs. Pena.

Ever since the 2016 presidential elections the two sides have been at each other’s throats. They are fighting each other instead of finding common ground for the common man. People need to step up and show that this kind of division is going to eventually rip the nation apart.

The fight between the Republicans and Democrats may be a sign that the country should change the way we hold our elections and run the politics in our country. Maybe it is time that we make a change. Yes, staying true to the Constitution is a good idea for some things, yet, it may not be the same in the sense that there has to be two different political parties. These two separate parties is the core of what is tearing this country apart.

The feuds on social media are a great example for how these sides are fighting each other. If you take five minutes to look at the trending political section on twitter, you will see name calling and threats thrown all over the place. Americana should not be fighting like this. We are supposed to be a country that is together not torn apart.

It is an odd trend but in today’s world it seems that kids, teenagers, and adults are being pressured into choosing between the two sides. Even the media is being labeled as to whose side they are on.

The media has always been involved in covering politics, but it is getting out of hand. The media understands that they have an influence on the people watching them.  Some outlets CNN, Fox News, Facebook have pushed their political ideals to America. Which is not what the news is meant to do, the news is meant to inform, not criticize or take sides.

Today the truth is hard to find. Facts are almost like a second thought. The truth gets twisted into what people want the truth to be. Bending it to what they want it to be then distributing it. News and media outlets are doing this and therefore making it very hard for people to determine what is right and  wrong. They bend the story to make it what they want it to be. They change the stories in ways that push their political agendas.

To have our president screaming “fake news” it puts a bad light the American people. Our president doesn’t even trust the media. He calls them “one sided” or “fake news”. This reflects badly on our president and our media. Now it is very hard to find a reliable news source.

“We are living in a Post-Truth Society,”  said junior Sean Thorton.

This seems very true considering that now truth is almost a second thought.

The states are almost as if they are on a roller coaster ride. Things are popping up then fading away and then as all seems to be “calm” something else pops back up.

Let’s head back to the start of September for example. It started with hurricanes crushing U.S. territories and destroying people homes and taking lives. Harvey and Irma destroyed what ever was in their path.

As people started to come back which may never fully happen we had more news in the media. NFL player’s anthem protests.

Players started kneeling and protesting the National Anthem before every football game. This started to stir up politics and the media. For a few weeks it was all anybody talked about and then soon it started to fade a bit.

This country is the most politically charged it’s ever been. And with more radical people learning that they have a voice shows that there needs to be a change soon. We are on the brink of something very scary.

This country needs a change of heart, and we need everyone to help make that change.


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