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Staying focused in class can be hard, but is it really?

To pay attention, to not pay attention, that is the question
To pay attention, to not pay attention, that is the question

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By Vanessa Lazzaro  ’20

Many students have different reasons why they can not stay focused in class. This could include technology with phones and iPads, friends, subject, teachers talking too long or more. The main issue we have concentrating is our cell phone in the classroom. How can we resolve this issue?

The main reason for students to have their phones during class is to get a hold of their parents in case of an emergency, which is accurate. However, that still doesn’t give students the right to disobey teachers’ rules in the classroom when students are not talking to their parents.


“When we were young, especially sitting in an eighty minute class, you lose focus and especially with our phones; that is a huge distraction for everyone, adults too, because we are so connected to everyone and everything all the time; and it’s hard to disconnect,” Mrs Pena replied.


Students are so addicted and attached, they do not care about what is going on, which can lead to students to cheat on a test or a quiz, because they don’t know the content.


Some teachers might even have a punishment involved. Such as detention after school on the second warning given to the student.


A survey was taken on twenty-four thousand high school students. Out of those students sixty-four percent admitted to cheating completely on a test and ninety-five percent admitted to cheating some way or form.


There are solutions to this problem, but it is not as easy as it sounds. To students, it does not make sense , is a violation or is unnecessary. This can cause arguments between teachers and students.


“I don’t think they should because it will make them mad and want their phone even more” said Haley Ryan, a freshman.


One way to avoid the issue is to hand in phones at the beginning of class and then get them back at the end.


“I think this would be really effective, but could also create some problems and arguments” said Mrs. Wilson, who teaches biology.


Another way is to not bring phones into class and to leave them in the lockers.


A way to improve focus in class is by turning off your phone when you get in class. Students can still have their phones, but they will not receive notifications to cause them to get side tracked.

School administration understands the issue.

“We can prevent this distraction happening from chunking our time…  eighty minutes in class where you can work for twenty minutes then take a brain break… because no one wants to sit and listen to someone for eighty minutes… it’s really difficult,” said Ms. Pena. 

Jyshon Whiskey suggested that it would be helpful to have breaks in between lessons.

Phones are every where today. Is it fair for the other students whose families can’t afford to get smart phones to see everyone with smartphones when they can not afford one? Many people do not realize how those students feel. If students realize this, they might consider not going on their phones in class and interact with that student to make them feel wanted and welcomed.

There are pros and cons of not having cell phones during class. This is something the administration should look into further.

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