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Student athletes find schools right for them

By Ociele Miller ‘ 18

Many athletes go to college and get to play something they love. Finding the right school and situation though is not always easy though.

These athletes all attend good schools but they are all in different NCAA divisions. Division I, the highest level of intercollegiate athletics or DII, which have athletes that are just as good as division I but have fewer financial resources except one school that is Division III,  which that does not offer scholarships.

When picking a college to go to student athletes have to think about it very hard and make sure that it’s the right decision for them. Some people don’t want to go far from home, others want to go as far away as possible. Like Ryan Gricco, a football player going to West Chester University a DII school and Hannah Crowley, a lacrosse player, going to Ursinus University a DIII school. Each picked a school because it is close to home. “I feel like it will open a lot of doors for me. It will teach me responsibility and help me get a good job after college. I chose West Chester University because it was the right fit,” said Ryan Gricco. 

Another factor is the coaching staff. Leighann Jenkins, a softball player going to the University of Charleston in West Virginia, a DII school, said her biggest factors were the coaching staff and she wanted to travel away from home.“I picked the school because I wanted to go far from home because I want to see what it’s like not living at home and having the usual routine.  The coach is awesome and the school environment fits me well because it’s big, far and it’s really pretty there,” said Jenkins.

Athletes also choose schools based on when they will start playing. Brock Anderson, a football player going to Monmouth University a DI school in New Jersey, nearly an hour and half away from Ridley, expects to play quickly. Another bonus is the beach so Brock can go for a swim after practice to cool down. For Cade Stratton, a lacrosse player attending Marquette University in Wisconsin,  another DI school, he does not mind that his school is about 13 hours away by car. Cade’s decision was influenced by players that he knows there, but the coach was also a difference. “Because on one visit I took the coach and I spoke and he told me I would get a chance to play my freshman year and could be starting by my senior year, also the type of lacrosse they play and the coaching lead me to making this decision.” 

These players now get an opportunity to go to college for free to play the sport they love for a few more years.

Ryan Gricco, WCU, Divison II

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