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What do older generations misunderstand about teenagers today?




Hannah Shultz

Grade 9


“I think there’s definitely more technology now, and a lot that revolves around it. Especially social media.”


    Do you think social media is to blame for the way teenagers today are seen by older generations?

“Yes, of course. I think that since now most communication between teenagers is done through messaging rather than through the traditional face-to-face conversation, teenagers are looked down upon.”



Asha Sterling

Grade 12


“I don’t really think they went through a lot of the things we’re going through today.”


And why do you think that is? What specific factors go into parents not being able to relate to their children?


“I guess technology kind of makes things harder sometimes, because it opens up outlets like cyber-bullying and discrimination via the internet, that people of older generations just didn’t have to deal with before.”



Seun Ojo | Jackie Wesley

Grade 12 | Grade 11


“Our lives are so different. They were raised in a way that was so strictly revolved around making money and providing for others, whereas [the newer generation] simply just wants to be happy, and do work that makes us happy. It’s not all about money.”


How else do you think the older generation was brought up differently


“Even just the ability to do what you want has changed. We’ve evolved as people and our mindsets are becoming more accepting of others. You can wear what you want, you can vote for who you want, the LGBTQ+ movement is in full force…it’s like two different worlds.”



Tyler Motlasz

Grade 9


“A whole lot. They misunderstand what goes on in their heads, and even just their standpoints on specific topics— or even our culture. Music, art, sexuality… it’s all different now, and they were just raised differently. They were raised to be the close-minded people they are today, and thanks to social media we’re evolving as people.”




“We’re evolving as people.”

As many times as I’ve heard that on my quest for the answer to this issue’s question…what does that mean?

Well for most it means new, in-depth technology being used on a daily basis, accepting and allowing differences within one another and bringing them into the media, and even simply being given the opportunity to collectively live and learn together without segregation.

As much as previous generations like to poke and tease at teenagers today, I congratulate them.

For doing what most thought was impossible.

Breaking boundaries and moving forward in order to come together.

As one.


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