The Dark Side of Us: Pink Floyd’s music still resonates

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By: Aidan Maloney ’19

Pink Floyd’s The Dark Side of The Moon is one of the highest selling albums of all time. In 1973 it was revolutionary, from the deep lyrics to the amazing music. The group consisted of Roger Waters, David Gilmour, Nick Mason, and Richard Wright. This release was a huge step in their musical careers. Even after forty years their music still holds up.

“Money” – “Is the root of all evil today.”

“Money”, the most successful and commercialized song on the LP, has some of the most quotable and used lyrics in pop culture.  Dr. Acker, our principal, deemed it a “paradox.” It is a paradox in the sense that the song is about how people are all about money and commercialization and how commercialization and only caring about money is not necessarily a great thing. Funny thing is, that song made them their most money from any other song they made.  Back then money was a source of many crimes and controversies. Money was the center of everything. It may not be the root of all evil but it is the root of most evil today. Back then there was Watergate and now there are wars over oil. Money is the root of conflict and conflict is something we do not want. Whether it is 1973 or 2017.

“Breathe(In the Air)” – “Breathe, Breathe in the air don’t be afraid to care.”
This lyric speaks against conformity and the pressures we face as humans. In society back then people had to conform. People were not allowed to be themselves. In some places it was not acceptable to be gay.  A lot can be said the same in 2017, with high school peer pressure. Students these days are pressured into taking drugs and drinking underaged. Its very hard to avoid those things when in high school. Students are forced into acting certain ways or doing certain things and not being able to be themselves. So, the lyric tells us to just breath and not be afraid to care what others think.

“Brain Damage” – “You shout and no one seems to hear’
This ninth song on the LP is about individual struggles. The song speaks of the decline of a man slowly losing his mind. The lyrics plainly show us that his reality is fleeting. People today still deal with problems like this. They seek to reach out and nobody is there to help. In our society today it is hard for people to reach out and seek help or come out with their problems. Kids in high school are so stressed with school and other kids at school. Acting up is a clear sign of being overstressed or overworked, but most parents don’t seem to see that. This was also a problem back then. People have not changed; they still seem to miss the signs of overstressing and even depression. People with problems shout and either people choose to ignore it or just can’t see the clear signs of these problems.


“Eclipse”  – “And everything under the sun is in tune, But the sun is eclipsed by the moon.”
Now for this lyric the sun and moon are metaphors. The sun represents all that’s good in the world and the goodness in people. The moon represents all the bad in the world: crime, lying, greed. The media seems to only cover the bad and the good is hard to find. With Vietnam, inflation, and Middle East relations in the ‘70s, it seemed that there was no good around. The same could be said today with politics and war. Wether it is 2017 or 1973 the ‘moon’ seems to eclipse the ‘sun’. In 2017 it is very hard to find happy stories on the news. While stuff like mass shootings and robberies are needed to be reported on, we need more positive stories. The other day there was an Iranian Olympic gold medalist that auctioned his medal and donated that money to earthquake relief after Iran had their most recent earthquake. Stories like that should be in the news more. That stuff warms hearts and shows the greatness in humanity.

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