The Little Mermaid makes a big splash

By Amanda Qendro 20’

The Ridley Drama Group just concluded its fall production The Little Mermaid.


The lead roles were Lauren Myers as Ariel and James Clark as Prince Eric. “I thought the leads were good and it fit their roles, and I really liked Scuttle and Sebastian,” sophomore Marisela Rechner said.

“I’ve been promising James Clark that I would go to a play since freshman year. I just went to my first one. I’m a senior and I loved it,” Devon Tavani said.
This production had some interesting set elements. During the play a bubble machine was placed near the front of the audience to simulate life under the sea. They use a lot of cool props in the play like bright color backgrounds, rocks, and a huge moving boat. Also, a harness was used to make it look like Ariel is swimming to the surface after Ursula turns her into a human.

There were many talented singers in the play. Since it was a musical they had many original songs like “Under The Sea” and “Part of Your World”. But they had a lot of different and creative songs that weren’t in the movie. The song and dance about all of Ariel’s sisters was a crowd pleaser. There was also a funny dance with a bunch of seagulls.
Many people enjoyed the play like Mrs. Cardow,“the play was very well done, it was choreographed well, the costumes were colorful and the singing was amazing”.

Freshman Ava Stracciolini enjoyed the show too, “it was extraordinary, the actors had incredible voices, and the costumes were well made.”

This show had nearly 50 cast members and 8-10 freshmen in the play. Vanessa Lazzaro, a freshman said, “it takes a lot of time and effort for the play, but at the end it is all worth it.

Many audience members would agree.


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