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By Nina Arcilla’22


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The Princess Switch is that movie that everybody  loves but hates at the same time.


The Princess Switch is a fun, delightful movie.  It has the feel of a Hallmark Christmas movie, light-hearted and sweet. But from the cliche of a simple city girl falling for  the prince to the corny humor of the cast in the movie, it is sure to keep you falling in love with Christmas even more.


The lead role in this movie is High School Musical star, Vanessa Hudgens who plays two roles in the movie. She also starred in Journey 2: The Mysterious Island  and the TV show Powerless. Supporting roles include: Sam Palladio and Nick Sagar.


The story starts off with a baker from Chicago, Stacy DeNovo and Duchess Lady Margaret Delacourt (both played by Vanessa Hudgens), a duchess from the small country of Montenaro. Both Stacy and Lady Margaret accidently meet each other on the set of Belgravia’s annual baking competition. Stacy, who is a contestant on Belgravia’s baking competition with her co-owner of the bakery, Kevin (Nick Sagar) are in Belgravia along with his ballet loving daughter, Olivia (Alexa Adeosun).  Lady Margaret is in Belgravia because she will be marrying Belgravia’s Prince Edward as she is the next heir in line.


Due to them looking exactly alike; the duchess asks if Stacy is willing to switch lives with her for two days. The Duchess always wanted to live a normal life but due to  always being the spotlight, she never experienced a life where no one was looking at her. . Soon after, they both decided to switch lives, but it becomes complicated as they both fall in love with someone who doesn’t know their true identity.

As the movie began, it felt very entertaining and fun to watch. The soundtrack followed the characters and how they felt in the context of the scene beautifully. The cast played their roles beautifully, especially Vanessa Hudgens who played two roles in the movie. The comedic side of this movie was well played for all parts.


The Princess Switch also has its  major downsides. Some scenes were so boring and bland it could have been better with not even being in the movie if anything. There was little to no diversity in the movie which isn’t surprising with these kinds of  movies. The amount of diversity in this movie is quite surprising due to the several movements on racism and diversity in 2018.


Overall, the Princess Switch fulfilled the feel of those cozy Christmas movies. From the royal country of Belgravia to the romantic ending for both Stacy and Lady Margaret.  The Princess Switch is a very sentimental feeling of Christmas for both young and old.


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