“There’s Really a Wolf” Album Review

By Sinnia Scully ’20

Russ is not a very well-known artist, but I doubt that’ll last long. He doesn’t compare to many other rappers because his music is not something many hear on the radio so many times it gets old. He has so much love for his fans and acknowledges that he would be nothing without them. He recently released There’s Really a Wolf, which was a huge success. He began to rise to fame when he released a popular single of his titled “What They Want”, which makes an appearance on his new album.
Russ explained on twitter the reasoning behind the album title There’s Really a Wolf. “The wolf represents success and me blowing up,” tweeted the twenty-four year old artist. “I was constantly the boy crying wolf to everyone. Telling everyone I was gonna blow up, telling everyone the next song or next album or next video was gonna blow up, and it would never happen, so now that it has happened, it’s like oh … there’s really a wolf.”

His songs tell his story and how he got where he is today. He’s been making beats for fourteen years now and it is finally paying off. It took him eleven mixtapes to get to where he is today. He’s not afraid to admit how confident he is in himself because he knows everything he has earned, he worked for.
“I think it’s really amazing for his first album,” freshman Julianna Muñoz, said.  She’s been listening to him since June of 2016 and her favorite song is “Me You”, which is on his new album. Another Ridley freshman, Bella Murgidi, enjoys the album as well. She’s even going to his concert on May 30th. “I really love the song Cherry Hill. I’m most excited to hear that at the concert,” says Bella.

Russ sings all the tracks on this release. Christian Mendoza’s, a junior, talks about this being his favorite part about the album. “I appreciate that he had no features because he’s an upcoming artist and wants to make a name for himself without anyone’s help.”

Many can agree with this. Russ admits to failing multiple times before finally making his mark. He has always had a passion for music, but especially for rap. If you have yet to listen to his album, I’m sure you’ll be hearing his songs everywhere soon.

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