Times are changing, we should too

By Celeste Blair ‘19

The issue is not guns, the issue is times are changing and the second amendment is not. This fear to change our gun laws is fueling our gun violence and this violence has been pouring into our school hallways since the 90s. Is there an end in sight?

Right wing individuals have drawn their own conclusion that even if we enforce clear gun control, people that want guns will obtain them by any means necessary.

However, there is a distinct line between criminals on the streets who have connections and ways to obtain illegal guns easily, and the students that commit school shootings.

These kids aren’t going to the “streets” or the “black market” to get their weapons. They are obtaining them legally because it is so incredibly easy for youth to arm themselves.

In the most recent shooting in Florida the shooter, nineteen year old Nicolas Cruz, obtained his AR-15 legally in Coral Spring. At only nineteen he has the access to highly dangerous weapons. A bartender wouldn’t serve him a drink, but a gun salesman gladly served him in the purchase of a military grade weapon.

Experts on youth’s brain will testify that the adolescents mind will not reach full development until well into their twenties. I suppose the part of the mind that can handle military grade weapons is already fully developed?

Or not.

He killed 17 people.

In 1996, fourteen year old, Barry Loukaitis got his gun from his father’s gun collection and proceeded to kill three Frontier Middle School students.

In 1997, sixteen year old, Evan Ramsey picked his murder weapon up from the side of his front door, the same place you may keep your shoes or an umbrella. It was his older brother’s;  a convicted felon who also should not have been able to obtain a gun. Ramsey killed two Bethel Regional High School students.

In 1997, Sixteen year old, Luke Woodham was able to take his brother’s rifle and killed three Pearl High School students.

They were not hardened criminals who needed to go to the streets and get their illegal guns. They were kids who were tired of being bullied, whose warning signs were ignored, and mental illnesses left untreated. Most importantly, when these kids hit the tipping point, when they felt absolutely alone, when they felt that they couldn’t handle another minute of their internal suffering, the gun was right there. They would have never been able to go through the steps to obtain illegal guns.

I support the United States Constitution. I support the Second amendment. I support the first amendment to the twenty seventh amendment. That doesn’t mean that they can’t change. The second amendment wasn’t even considered in the first draft of the constitution it took them four years to add it along with nine others. In the first draft of the constitution African Americans were not considered as an entire human being. Women couldn’t vote. The list goes on.

The bottom line is the Constitution is supposed to change, and it is about time the second amendment does too.

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