Model UN club supports UNICEF

By Cara Caldwell ‘19

This year at Ridley High School, the Model UN team took part in a fundraiser called Trick Or Treat for UNICEF. Boxes were handed out to each homeroom on October 21, and were collected on November 1. Whichever homeroom collected the most money will be given a doughnut party on a day that they choose.

UNICEF stands for United Nations International Children’s Emergency Fund. The Model UN team generally does not have a set goal of how much money they want to raise, they just hope they get as much as possible. The money from the fundraiser will go to kids all over the world and will help with issues surrounding health and education.

This fundraiser comes around every Halloween. This is not the first year that the school did it, but it is only the second year that the Model UN team has taken it over. The team does plan to continue doing this fundraiser for years to come. “It makes sense for the Model UN kids to do it because the money goes to kids all over the world,” said Sam Avila, a member of the Model UN team.

The students and staff at Ridley High School are also very supportive of this fundraiser. Sophomores Lexy Divalerio and Steph Pizzi said that they didn’t have the chance to donate, but if they could go back they definitely would. Steph stated, “Yeah, of course I would donate. As long as the money is going to the children.”

This year a freshman took around one of the UNICEF boxes and raised about $140 on his own. This will be added to the total raised by the rest of the school and given to children around the world. This shows how Ridley students are dedicated to the fundraisers we have, and put effort into them.

“I donated all of my spare change to UNICEF,” said Mrs. Pickett, librarian for the high school. She had supported the fundraiser before, but once she learned exactly what the money was going towards, she said she can appreciate it even more.

Sam Avila, a senior, said that the fundraiser usually brings in around $400 each year. The overall goal of this fundraiser was to raise money to help kids all over who are in need of health care, education, and all other things that they might not be able to pay for themselves.

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