#Twitter Steals the Spotlight

It took 3 years, 2 months and 1 day to get to the billionth tweet, but its astonishing that today it only takes one week for users to send a billion tweets. As the tech savvy generation ages each year, the gadgets and websites age even faster. In the past year and a half Twitter has stolen the spotlight from Facebook. Chrisilia Bailey, a sophomore, proudly defends Twitter as being “the best.” Among her are dedicated Facebook users that claim the site is much easier to use and comes in handy when communicating with family and friends. Yet, staying in touch with family is not a main concern of many high school students.

Francine types on Twitter The majority of Twitter users in Ridley seem to prefer the app over the website. Miss Pickett, Ridley High School’s librarian, differs from many of the students with her usage of this social media. Up until the school filtered the wifi, Miss Pickett used her personal Twitter account to promote new books and upcoming events in the library. She explains, “I was very bummed when the website got filtered, I was getting so many followers! Just racking them up!” Unlike many of the students, Miss Pickett checked her account on the website (instead of the app) once a day and followed young adult authors.

Libby Alfieri, a junior, chuckles when asked if she uses Twitter for educational purposes. “No,” she says with a guilty smile on her face. She enjoys reading tweets of celebrites and friends that have pictures. Not only does she use Twitter to interact with friends and celebs, but she also uses it as a way to get her complaints about school out of her system.
Danielle Mendoza, a junior, loves tweeting about Starbucks and cheerleading and is entertained by funny subtweets, a tweet directly referring to a particular person without mentioning their name. Danielle is proud of her follower/following ratio of 354/263.
Randi Kelly, a junior, tweets about everything, ranging from spam to what she has for breakfast. Randi literally LOLs when asked how many time she checks her twitter on a daily basis. She responds, “20+.”

As you can tell, Twitter is an increasing trend in not only the world but in the halls of Ridley High School. It seems that more people are interested in Twitter because the format is much easier to understand and its an easy way to communicate with the world.
With 140 characters or less, many Twitter users enjoy reading shorter posts. In comparison to Facebook where your post limit is 63,206, many people find themselves dozing off while reading one post.

Drissa tweets her friends
With the ability to interact with people from around the world, Twitter surpasses the excellence of Facebook and continuously impacts social media today!

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